About Us

Twenty years ago, New Success Education Centre was created in hopes to individualize student learning in a way that was never seen or done before. We created this tutorial centre under the intention that students would be able to express their concerns and be comfortable learning in a smaller class or in a one-on-one environment. Established in 1994, New Success Education Centre is a tutorial centre that offers small-group and individual tutoring for students grade 1 through 12. Our programs are intended to improve their grades, strengthen their skills, and enrich their education. We offer a variety of tutorial services to elementary and high school students who need assistance in subjects such as: Mathematics, English, French, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science.

Why Choose Us?

New Success Education Centre is aimed at aiding students in their weaknesses, assisting them in strengthening their understanding through application, and advancing their skills and knowledge through critical thinking.

Unlike many tutorial centres and programs, our students and parents exercise a flexible schedule with tutors, in and out of our office. Our instructors are both professionally and academically committed to providing an effective tutoring service that is geared to each students' individual needs.

Unlike other tutoring institutions, we strive to make the learning process a rewarding experience. By working in a collaborative environment with students, parents, and teachers, we are able to provide a tutoring service that is tailored to the specific needs and demands of each student, giving students the confidence they need to excel in school. Aside from programs that meet curriculum expectations, we offer a refreshing and approachable tutoring service that can enable students to attain their potential.


New Success Education Centre offers a personal approach of learning that allows our students to be fully engaged in their learning. With a four step approach for our students, New Success is able to learn, understand, and develop the proper tools that are necessary for our students' success.



The first stage begins where instructors assess students based on their knowledge, understanding, and application. We start our program with assessments to allow the instructors to get to know and understand the student's strengths and weaknesses. We are able to observe how the student learns as well as their attitudes on education. Through this, we can properly identify the needs of each student and effectively plan a program suitable for their learning.



After assessing each student, instructors create personalized lesson plans that are intended to guide students to improve their weaknesses and strengthen their fundamentals. Following the Ontario curriculum, we adjust to the learning curves of every student while promoting them an opportunity to think critically and independently.



Clear communication and instructions are the key components to a successful lesson. Aside from a planned lesson, tutors communicate to students on multiple levels to ensure that they are able to comprehend. Our tutors take virtually any subject and convert it into a lesson that is both approachable and fun. From this, students are able to grasp key concepts quickly and retain information from subjects that used to be challenging.



Aside from succeeding at New Success, our services are to ensure that students perform well in school. We aim to assist students in their learning curve so they are able to apply their skills in school. Through our tutoring services, students become motivated to learn, and school becomes an enjoyable experience - academically speaking!

Our Tutors

A great teacher is one who is able to teach students the educational strategies that they need to succeed in school. At New Success, a great tutor is one who is able to do that, but also develop a strong relationship with all students to build confidence in school. Our tutors are qualified educators who are experienced in a variety of academic fields. Our instructors are committed to providing students with an optimal approach in learning as we share one belief in teaching - passion.

Tutors of New Success come from a diverse background of education, from Ontario Certified Teachers to University professors. Our tutors also include individuals that are in or have completed a postgraduate degree in their subject of interest, as well as those who are University professors.

Come and visit New Success Education Centre, and meet some of our enthusiastic tutors!

New Success