Because of a low student-teacher ratio (one to four students in a class), our instructors are capable of customizing lessons that are geared to the needs and levels of each student.

A relaxed environment also enables students to learn at their own pace without any peer pressure. Furthermore, students are more willing to ask questions and discuss their learning problems with their instructors.

Besides having a strong knowledge on the subject, our instructors have excellent communication skills. In fact, it is imperative that tutors are able to interpret students' needs and to impart instructions in a simple and clear language.

Did you know?

Enduring patience is also one of the important attributes possessed by our instructors.

Students need frequent repetition, repeated rephrasing of explanations, constant reinforcement and lots of encouragement in order to become an effective learner.

Most of our instructors are educated in Ontario, Canada, and they are familiar with the Ontario Education system. They can help students acquire the study skills and strategies that will make them better prepared for their tests and projects.

Language Arts and English literature has become a more challenging subject where students are showing more and more signs of struggle in reading, writing, inferencing, and grammar.


Imperative to every day life, New Success encourages students to become active readers and writers outside of school. With this being said, English instructors follow an Ontario based English curriculum that offers students extra help. Focusing on student needs, our tutors create personalized learning programs that tackle each strand of language arts. As English professors and OCT members, our instructors strive to advance the understanding of the English language, and create opportunities for students in order to maximize their potential. Offering boundless assistance to students, New Success guarantees student improvement as we continue to follow curriculum expectations.

Bonjour! Dans les cours de français sur New Success Education Centre, les étudiants vont apprendre à épeler et de la grammaire. Aussi, les étudiants vont comprendre à lire, écrire, et parler en français.


We have instructors that have over 10 years of experience in a French immersion program or French environment. Our instructors give students a chance to immerse themselves in the French language through numerous perspectives. Placing a strong focus on the foundations of the language, students study the grammatical differences with French and English. Reading, writing, and speaking French is a core component that our tutors concentrate on in order for students to truly experience the language. We offer unlimited assistance in this subject, including the more basic components of French such as vocabulary building and proper pronunciation.

At New Success, our instructors offer quality tutoring in all aspects of mathematics.


We understand that mathematics is a combination of knowledge, understanding, application, and inquiry. This is why our instructors create programs that assist students in one or more of these particular strands. With demand being among the senior grade mathematics, our tutors have expert knowledge in advanced math, as they are either official members of the OCT or graduate students in a mathematics program. They offer a variety of strategies that allow students to understand the fundamentals of math, including the more challenging properties of trigonometry, advanced functions, and calculus and vectors.

In intermediate/senior grades, students begin to struggle with the formulas and concrete concepts of the three strands of sciences.


At New Success Education Centre, we are able to provide students with a review of scientific terms, a stronger understanding of the chemical, biological, and physical properties, as well as an in-depth lesson that outlines scientific concepts for students. Instructors at New Success offer students private lessons that gear students towards grasping challenging concepts in Biology, Chemistry, and/or Physics. Not only do they revisit the foundational structures of science, students create their own questions, hypotheses, and discussion topics in scientific research.

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